Fourth Grade Miss Hillenga

Welcome to the 4th Grade Page! 

On this page you will find special announcements and homework for the classroom. 

​Please wear red, white, or blue tomorrow for the Patriotic Rosary.

Assignments for November 15, 2019
Reading/Language Arts- 
Spelling- PreTest on Monday
​Social Studies- 

​*Read 100 minutes per week
​*Wax Museum on Monday from 12:00-1:30.

Spelling Words:  Pretest 11/18  Test 11/22
sickly, hardly, quickly, slowly, carefully, wonderful, beautiful, graceful, spoonful, darkness, shapeless, ageless, illness, goodness, spotless, painless, weakness, darkest, clearest, thoughtful

Review: ​door, smart, argue
Challenge: ​brilliantly, straightest